Discover New Audience With Social Listening

Listen to social conversations about your product, brand, or any industry topic. Look beyond your feed and engage with new audiences

Reach Out To The Audience & Drive Business

Discover and participate in conversations about your products, brand, or industry. Stay on top of relevant topics and find new target audiences

Track All Conversations As They Happen

Capitalize on every trend. Get live updates of all the conversation that is happening around your brand or industry.

Build Highly Custom Queries

Track any topic or competitor. Create your complex search queries in no time and preview their results to target more focussed conversations.

Analyze Public Sentiments

Understand public and audience emotions. Know their perception of your content, products, and brand.

Enriched Lead Profiles

Get contextual information for your leads readily available. Build authentic & long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Integrate Into Your Existing Workflow

Use Statusbrew integrated with your existing CRM tool and enhance its functionality. Get better conversions when your team is equipped with the right information.

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