Fastest Inbox Experience Ever Made

Our platform learns from your needs, making you work faster and simple. It organizes the messages in a way, so you exactly know what to act on next.


Filter Your Inbox by Literally Anything

25+ Filtering options than can be used in any combination ("OR", "AND", "><", "=", etc)

  • AI Sentiment
  • Campaign
  • Ads & Posts
  • Keyword, Hashtags, & Phrases
  • Type (Ad & Organic comments, Mentions, Reviews, Messages, etc)
  • First Contact & Repeat Customers
  • And more

You can choose what matters to you and put that on top! Or give team the division they seek

Internal-collaboration (Statusbrew)
Shortcut To Inbox Zero

Spend Least Amount Of Time Per Conversation

  • The fastest sync with triaging based on workload, skills and availability.
  • Macros, AI Suggestions & automation for quick & bulk actions.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for every action.
  • Customer context in the same view.
Anything that can be automated, should be automated

Build automations in minutes (saves you hours)

  • Auto-hide all comments across your Facebook/Instagram pages with one click.
  • Intensity based moderation for toxic, offensive or inappropriate comments.
  • Automatically filter images, URL's, emails, phone numbers, emojis and keywords. 
Convert-your-audience (Statusbrew)
Social CRM

Convert Your Audience

Get contextual information about your customers in your conversation screen. Enable your team to be equipped with the right details to convert more customers.

Nathan Upchurch (Head of Operations)

Statusbrew helps keep post quality and consistency high, as well as ensuring that the proper approval process is always followed. It makes social really convenient.

Nathan Upchurch
Head of Operations (Chicago)
Customized-notifications-alerts (Statusbrew)

Instant & Dependable Notifications

Experience a notification system that notifies you instantly on the most convenient channel (for real-time responses). Slack, Mobile, Desktop, & Email notifications that can be customized to your needs.

Team Reporting

Insightful Engagement Analytics

Understand your audience and your team. Understand the sentiments of your brand loyalists. Tune your team for maximum effectiveness. Gain access to the most important engagement KPI.

Use Statusbrew To Nurture Customer Relationships Like Never Before