Managing Instagram Ad Comments Just Got Easier + [Infographic]

Oct 11, 2019 6 min read

Businesses have been adding up a budget for advertising in their online marketing strategy due to the decline of organic reach on social platforms and a high conversion rate of ads.

Instagram is outperforming Twitter and Pinterest with a 1.08% conversion rate of ads this year.

If you are planning to spend your business' advertising budget on Instagram, you must be sure about the presence of your brand's audience on the platform and have a proper understanding of Instagram ads.

In this blog, we shall outline What Instagram Ads are, the real importance of Instagram ads, and how brands out there should manage Instagram ad comments to maintain their online repuation. Let’s have a look!

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What Are Instagram Ads?

Instagram ads are sponsored posts with images or videos that run for a targeted audience which leads to more exposure of your brand. It helps to generate new leads and find potential customers for the business with much lower costs as compared to traditional marketing.

75% of Instagrammers take actions like visiting a website or making a purchase, after being inspired by an ad post

Why Use Instagram Ads?

Instagram has developed into a network of 1 billion+ individuals and is continuing to broaden its horizons. With this audience size and visually appealing content, Instagram has turned out to be one of the most preferred platforms to spend the dollars.

Why Is It Important To Manage Instagram Ad Comments?

The purpose of running an ad is to increase the visibility of posts, which in turn brings-in more comments to be replied. It calls for the requirement of managing comments on the ads, which is not at all easy; you have to deal with trolls, spams, product or service queries, and much more.

Lead opportunities and website traffic

While communicating with some audiences in the comment section of your Instagram ads, you may come across some potential clients as ads target only the relevant audience. It increases the chances of lead generation and encourages people involved in the discussion to visit your website, thus increasing website traffic too.

Moreover, minimizing response time by managing Instagram ad comments will make people interested in your ad and the discussion around it, which will ultimately develop brand awareness among the new users.

Customer support

When prospects view your ad, it is very much likely that they might have several queries related to your product or service. The first option they'll think of is asking it over the comments instead of DM.

If you would reply back within 60 minutes of the comment, you'll start gaining trust of your audience as it makes your customers feel important.

67% of consumers have engaged with a brand's social media for customer service needs

Online recommendations

Active listeners on social media give brands their invaluable customer feedback over the comments. Brands can plug back the positive ones with online recommendations for a better brand reputation.

Sometimes, existing customers become your unpaid promoters and they should be retained for the best testimonials or reviews.

Customers are willing to spend 31% more on a business with excellent reviews

Product description

During social media campaigns, your existing customers or brand advocates may sometimes provide product descriptions in comments to the potential customers - spreading the word-of-mouth. They are the best people for describing your product or service as they are experienced users of your product, and the audience will trust their viewpoint more as compared to yours.

How To Manage Ad Comments On Instagram?

You might have seen piles of comments left unattended or unmanaged by advertisers on social media, which conveys a false impression. The consequence of neglected paid posts is often money down the drain or negative ROI.

Manage Instagram ad comments on the Facebook business manager:

  • Go to the Facebook page of your brand
  • Click on the Inbox tab on the top
  • Select Instagram from the left panel and Facebook page inbox will show all the Instagram comments automatically


The problem with the Facebook business manager is a mix of both organic post and sponsored post comments. It eventually develops into a challenging process to seek ad comments every time from a number of conversations.

There must be a better and efficient option!

Managing ad comments with Statusbrew becomes effortless and less tedious.

Managing Instagram ad comments with Statusbrew:

Statusbrew's Engage Inbox helps you never miss any social conversation around your brand and let you respond to them timely.

With real-time sync, receive and assign conversations to specific teammates for them to work on tasks as soon as someone talks about you on social media. Use the Listening dashboard to monitor specific keywords related to your brand or topics that you want to keep up with, beyond your social reach.

You can reply to DMs, Mentions, and Comments from all the profiles in a single unified social inbox.

Moreover, it gives you a convenient option of monitoring and managing your ad comments. Filter the conversations by type to get all the comments specific to your sponsored posts (Facebook/Instagram ad comment).



We sync comments of up to 4000 active ads.

  • 'Like' and 'Reply' to the Instagram ad comments within Statusbrew.

  • Tag a conversation so that you or other team members can figure out the type of conversation or the customer (whether an influencer or a lead) when you come across it later.

  • Add notes to send an internal message to team members to inform them about the conversations in more detail.

  • Assign a conversation to a team member whom you think can provide the most suitable response to a particular ad comment.

    For example, if a customer is having an issue with the pricing, assign it to a team member of sales, or assign any complaint queries to the customer support team.

  • Statusbrew can ease off your struggle of understanding foreign comments on the ads by translating them within the conversation window itself.

  • Use saved replies if you come across some frequently asked queries within your ad comments so that you can immediately respond the next time you find it, with just a click.

  • Ads receive a lot of irrelevant spam comments that can harm your brand's online reputation. Add moderation rules to hide, delete, assign, mark as spam or close any conversation automatically based on certain keywords in your incoming ad comments.


Automated moderation rules won't replace real human interactions as Statusbrew will not auto-reply to any conversation but will help you with some routine actions on conversations.


Here's a detailed infographic on how to manage ad comments on social media.


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Spending money on ads to increase reach and impressions will be of no use if you are not responding to your potential customers on time or if your audience is criticizing your business in the comment section.

Get the maximum ROI from the amount invested in your Instagram ads by using comment management automation to improve pre-purchase queries and service experience for your customers.

Also, did we tell you that you can claim your free 7 day trial for Statusbrew when you sign up for comment management?

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