How To Effectively Manage Facebook Ad Comments

Apr 10, 2020 7 min read

Running ads on Facebook comes bundled with hundreds of people commenting on them, and responding to these ad comments is a task in itself. If you've been there, you know how hard it is to manage each and every one of them.

But it is incredibly important for your brand to acknowledge people and avoid the embarrassment of coming off as a brand that doesn't care.

If you're a beginner, take a look at what Facebook Ads are and why they are important in 2022. If you're already familiar with them, jump to our section on why and how to manage Facebook ad comments without spending too much of your time.

What Are Facebook Ads?

Facebook allows users and businesses to target posts to specific audiences and get a complete analysis of its performance. These posts are referred to as Facebook ads and are used by marketers to counter the decline of organic reach on Facebook.

According to an emarketer study , 96% of social media marketers consider Facebook advertising the most effective options amongst other social networks.

Facebook ads can be of different types, but the ultimate aim is to achieve one of the following goals:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion

What Is The Importance Of Running Facebook Ads In 2022?

You get an enormous user base of 2.4 billion active monthly users, incredibly detailed user-targeting options, and a wide variety of objectives to choose from for your ad campaign.


Facebook levels the playing field for all

It gives small business owners a fighting chance to get their service or product to the desired audiences.

Being a business owner, you get a handful of options if you decide to advertise online. There's Google AdWords, which works well but may not fulfill the purpose for everyone.

Then, there are Facebook ads that give you the unparalleled audience reach, an inherently visual platform, and an incredible ROI on your social media budget.

26% of Facebook users who clicked on ads reported making purchases in one survey

Now that you've received a refresher on Facebook ads let's take a look at the importance of Facebook ad comments.

Importance of Managing Facebook Ad Comments

A prompt and insightful response to ad comments can help elevate your brand image and increase lead opportunities.

The Challenge

Marketers spend a lot of money on Facebook ads to create awareness about the brand and to bring in more engagement, but this money goes down the drain if you fail to address the comments you receive.

Sure, you can frame a canned response and respond to various comments with the same answer, but when the volume is so high, a lot of these comments are bound to go unnoticed.

Missed Opportunities

If these statements have given rise to one particular question in your mind that whether you should ignore comments on your Facebook ad posts? Then it's a big no-no!

If you decide to ignore these comments, here's what happens.

You ignore a bunch of positive comments, you lose out on potential leads and miss the valuable feedback from your targetted audience.

Men's grooming brand Dollar Shave Club is often cited for doing social media right, one of the main reasons for that is their constant engagement with users over comments.

dollar-shave-club-engaging-with -customers-over-facebook-ad-comments


Granted, no one wants to miss out on positive comments, but what if you ignore all the negative comments? All those people criticizing your brand or your product, there's no harm in ignoring those comments.

That might be a common perception, but it's completely wrong.

How often we come across Facebook ad posts which are quite tempting to explore, but as soon as you go to the comment section, it is filled with people bashing the product or the brand, and you leave with a bad perception of that particular brand.

You cannot change the sentiment by just replying to all those comments, but giving a prompt and eventful response can undoubtedly make you look responsible and genuine, which does go a long way!


Unfortunately, Facebook ad comments are incomplete these days without all those spam comments hijacking the comment section.

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We all have come across such types of comments on Facebook ad posts, and these are simply the worst.

Apple is one name that goes together with good marketing. The company has recently unveiled its Apple TV service and has been advertising about the same on Facebook.

Even the mighty Apple couldn't get away from the wrath of spam comments, and their Facebook ad comment section is filled with such comments, which brings down the quality of the ad post.


And Apple isn't the only one facing this problem.

Facebook does give you the option to remove these comments, but removing hundreds of such comments manually requires a lot of time and effort, which isn't feasible for most of us.

Now that you've learned about the importance of managing Facebook ad comments, let's check out the available solutions.

Also, if you're looking to manage comments at scale on different social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more, we recently wrote a detailed blog posts with actionable insights on hiding & deleting comments as well as steps on how to disable comments on Facebook.

How To Manage Facebook Ad Comments With Facebook Ad Manager?

Facebook has built an impressive ad manager that gives you a platform you need to manage every aspect of your ad posts (aka Dark posts). Using Facebook ads manager, you can hide comments on Facebook, delete comments and directly reply to them. Facebook manages ads through Facebook Ads Manager dashboard. You will be able to manage most parts of comments on your Facebook Ad

To know how to manage comments on Facebook ads via ads manager, follow the below steps:

  • Go to Ads Manager
  • At the Ad level, check the box next to ad you'd like to view and click Edit button Edit (under the ad name) to open the side pane
  • Click Preview button above your ad preview on the right
  • Under the see post drop down menu, select Facebook post with comments
  • Facebook will list your posts with people's reactions

You can now view, like, and reply to the comments on your Facebook ads.

To hide a comment on Facebook,

  • Locate the particular post with the comment you want to hide

  • Hover your mouse over the comment, click on Preview button and select Hide

Hiding a comment on Facebook will keep it hidden from everyone except the person who made the comment and their friends. You can unhide the comment later on.

Now even though Facebook ad manager does give you these option to manage these comments, but things get tricky when:

  • You're running multiple ad campaigns
  • Getting hundreds of comments

At Statusbrew, we realized the need for a better ad comment management solution and made a one-stop destination from where you can manage Facebook ad comments and even hide comments on Instagram as well, all under a single tab.

How Statusbrew Makes Managing Ad Comments Easier?

The biggest problem to manage comments on Facebook ads using the Facebook ad manager is the fact that there's no separation of comments between regular posts and ad posts (dark posts). There's no option to get rid of spam comments automatically, nor there are timely notifications of brand mentions.

Statusbrew's powerful "Engage" feature completely eliminates this problem by allowing you to filter all your ad post comments from the regular ones.


Never Miss Out On Responding To A Comment

With Statusbrew's native connection to Facebook's Marketing API and Graph API, you get real-time sync and can never miss out on even a single comment.

The user-friendly dashboard allows you to respond to comments quickly, and that's not it. You get the option to:

  • Tag a conversation
  • Hide Facebook comments
  • Delete spam comments
  • Apply rules
  • Add notes for team members
  • Assign a team member to handle specific comments
  • Translate comments, the list goes on!

Here's a brief rundown of how you can use Statusbrew to monitor and manage Facebook ad comments conveniently. Filter the ad post (dark post) comments from the regular ones by using inbuilt filters.

Hide The Comments You Don't Want To See

Hiding comments on Facebook has never been this easier.

Add Rules to hide and delete spam comments automatically.

Yes, no more dealing with spam comments!

Manage Facebook Ad Comments As A Team

  • Assign a Team member that is better suited to handle a particular conversation and Add notes to get them up-to-date.
  • Getting similar sort of queries on a lot of comments, use saved replies feature and respond quickly to all of them with a single click.
  • One of the benefits of running ads on Facebook is the ability to target a wide variety of audiences on a global level. However, one catch to this is getting comments in a language that you or the team aren't familiar with. Using Statusbrew's Translate feature, you can translate all the comments without the need of third party translator app.

Statusbrew reduces the complexity of managing the ad posts and eliminates the everyday hassle of dealing with Facebook ad comments.

Did we tell you that you can claim your free 7 day trial for Statusbrew when you sign up for comment management?

Explore Comment Management!

Stay on top of your Facebook ad campaign, and get the most out of your social media budget with Statusbrew's ad comment management features.


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