Supervise YouTube Communities For Brands With Statusbrew

Clear out the noise in your YouTube comment section and build meaningful engagements with your audience. Win new brand advocates on your YouTube channels with Statusbrew.

Purposeful Tools Built For Community Management Teams On YouTube

Build Communities On YouTube

Sync comments on your videos from multiple YouTube channels and manage them from our unified inbox. Appreciate top comments and identify potential customers with built in CRM solutions.

Deal With Spam, Negativity, and Trolls

Reply, hide, delete or mark spam to untasteful and negative comments on your YouTube videos. Manage audience sentiments for your brand and improve market trust.

Manage YouTube Comments With Your Team

Onboard your team and deal with comments from the most credible source. Assign comments, use internal notes and get notifications for comments. Statusbrew offers permission-based workflows for your team.

Automate With Advanced Moderation Rules

Do more than native YouTube options with Statusbrew’s moderation rules that not only automate comment management but also automate workflow management. Actions available include assign to a team member, set the conversation as a priority, apply a tag to the conversation, notify on Slack & more.

Statusbrew Is An All-Round Social Media Management Suite Designed For Scale

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