Social Media Management For Executives

Social Media Management For Executives

Lead the charge of transparency, trust, accountability and see a significant impact on the bottom line.

3 out of 4 consumers say a CEO’s presence on social makes a brand more trustworthy

Barriers for Executive Level Participation

Lack of Expertise

The uncertainty caused by people who have caused significant risk to their organization by misusing social on purpose or inadvertently.

Measuring ROI

Lack of understanding on how to measure the impact of their Social presence



Time & Idea Constraints

Time requirements and belief that executives should focus on more important priorities. Not enough content ideas to maintain a social media profile.

CEO has to be on Social

But, why CEO needs to be on Social?

  • Customer's demand transparency from businesses and are more likely to consider them for their next purchase
  • Brands can migitate perception issues and mistakes quickly by being more proactive and honest
  • Social is the most popular medium where consumers are interacting with each and forging opinions
Social Media Strategies for Executives

Social Media Strategies for Executives

  • Championing causes and addressing social issues
  • Advocate for transparency in business
  • Use storytelling to develop emotional connections
  • Build a personal brand through thought leadership
  • Marketing and selling the brand

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