Statusbrew Works With All Your Business Tools

Our seamless integrations with the best in class business tools help your time drive more productivity and easily share social results.

Featured Integrations


Get notified directly on Slack about your Team Publishing Workflows and when your Brand receives a new message. Share your team's social progress on a daily and weekly basis directly on the Slack channel.


Import your potential leads from Statusbrew to your Hubspot account, add additional details and let your customer success team tailor your pitch without hunting.


Connect your existing Bitly account to Statusbrew and create your own branded links across all the social channels. Measure their click-rate, engagement and understand your audience segmentation.


Empower up your Statusbrew account with Shopify to analyze your loyal customers and start selling your product on social media effectively.


Connect Mail Chimp account with Statusbrew and start engaging with your audience by email marketing and build a strong relationship with your customers.


Integrate your Statusbrew account with Zapier and automate your publishing queue from anywhere (Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Spotify, Trello, Slack & more).


Increase the consistency of your content by integrating Box with Statusbrew and sync all your media to create engaging content for your audience.


Import all your conversations to Zendesk from Statusbrew and help your audience to interact across phone, chat, email and social media.


Discover sales insights, predict which deals will close and be more predictive about your brand on social media by connecting Statusbrew with Salesforce.


Pair up your Statusbrew with Dropbox and simplifies your work by creating a central place to access and share files across different departments.


Collaborate with your team more efficiently by integrating Statusbrew with Trello to streamline your workflow and increase the productivity of your team.


Statusbrew reporting becomes more powerful when you integrate it with Tableau, which enables intuitive marketing analytics and share your reports in real-time.

One Drive

Save all your media and content at OneDrive and sync your content with Statusbrew any time to create content for your audience.

Google Drive

Sync all your media from Google drive to Statusbrew Content-pool, So that you are never out of content.


Connect Dynamics 365 with Statusbrew and break down all the data to find new opportunities for business and get a comprehensive view of your customers and operations.

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