Easy And Intuitive Social Media Advertising Tool

Give your business a boost, improve brand awareness, discover new customers and engage with them to increase your sales.

Reach More People

Promote your posts directly from Statusbrew, to reach newer audiences and grow awareness about your brand.

Define Campaign Objective

Choose a campaign objective that best meets your business need. It could be promoting your business, getting more website visitors or driving more engagement.

Find The Right Audience

Choose who'll see your ad by creating audiences based on things like age, gender, location, interests and more.

Set Your Budget

Choose how many days you want to run your promotion and how much you want to spend on it.

Boost Facebook Post

Promote your published Facebook post right from the planner list or the calendar view. Just click on the $ sign and get started

Schedule Ads

Smoothly schedule ads from Statusbrew. Choose your boosting criteria and budget while planning your Facebook post.

Manage Campaigns At A Glance

Visualize a complete timeline of all your ads and promotional posts with our easy-to-use calendar and reimagine content planning.

Collaborate With Your Team

Do hassle-free content planning with our highly configurable and approval workflows.

Get Insights To Your Paid Promotions

Get in-depth insights into the performance of your content like organic v/s paid impressions, engagement, and much more.

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