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"Statusbrew – Here is a total social media management platform that will let you engage and grow with your audience."
"Unfollowers.com is helping firms make sense of Twitter by analysing user activity."
-The Hindu
"In case you weren’t aware, there are tons of websites and apps that can alert people when someone unfollows them on Twitter—for example, Unfollowers.me."
"Unfollowers.com has a similar service for Twitter, allowing you to discreetly check who has unfollowed you. The site also allows you to check who is not following you back."
-The Telegraph UK
"Although Twitter sends new follower notifications, learning who unfollowed you will require a little extra work. There are a number of websites such as Unfollowers.com that allow you to see who unfollowed you and who you don’t follow."
"Unfollowers, a follower tracking service for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, has achieved the rare feat of becoming a dominant player in a deeply fragmented market."
"This one's pretty straight forward, and it's free. Just sign in to your Twitter account through the Unfollowers.com site, and you'll be able to see 'Recent Unfollowers'"
-pcadvisor UK