Social Media Marketing Platform For Enterprise

Social Media Marketing Platform For Enterprise
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Platform That Scales With You

Bring your diverse social teams together at a single platform to seamlessly deliver social customer care, manage content curation and measure social ROI.


Nurture your ever growing relationship with customers on social with great care and finesse. Delight them and turn them into your brand advocates.


Equip your team with tools that drive efficiency, reliability, and productivity. Enable them to reach to a broader audience, by making their every day tasks hassle-free.


Analyze your efforts across social, measure how your customers react, how it impacts them and optimize your team's deliverance on metrics that matter.

Statusbrew recognized in Social Media Management based on user reviews Statusbrew recognized in Social Media Management based on user reviews Statusbrew recognized in Social Media Management based on user reviews Statusbrew recognized in Social Media Management based on user reviews

Category Leader on Capterra and G2 Crowd

With 2000+ reviews on software rating websites, Statusbrew ranks as the top social media marketing & management tool for businesses.


Social Media Publishing

Manage your social teams efficiently, safeguard your social presence, meet regulatory requirements, create powerful content and delight your customers.

Social Media Publishing

Configurable Publishing Workflows

Prevent unapproved, off-brand, or ill-timed content from being published with easy-to-configure discrete permissions and automated approval paths.

Effortless Campaign Management

View timeline of all the tasks along with upcoming deadlines. Manage campaigns effectively by adding tags, scheduling post on different time zones and measuring their performance.

Manage Digital Assets

Store all your brand's digital content at a common pool and maintain consistent visual identity in all the content posted online.

Branded URLs

Shorten URLs in social media posts with your branded domain and custom UTM parameters.

Social Media ROI

Cut through the noise on Social, understand the real pulse of your audience with our social media analytics.

Build Custom Reports

Focus on the metrics that matter the most to you and create custom reports specific to your needs.

Understand Your Customers

Get the insights into your customer's perception and understand their demography, behavior and brand loyalty.

Export Reports

Easily share your efforts across teams by downloading the reports in PDF or CSV format.

Social Media ROI

Social Customer Care

Respond to each customer query with the same diligence, increase their fondness for the product and turn them into brand advocates.

Social Customer Care

Automatic Conversation Assignment

Define rules based on various keywords, social profiles, and type that will be automatically assigned to different team members.

Agent Collision Detection

Avoid sending a duplicate response, get a real-time view of conversations being replied by other team members.

Insights To Team Performance

Get insights into conversations response time, the number of queries replied and peak traffic hours. Measure the individual performance of each team member against their designated SLA's.

Speed Up Your Response Time

Reply to common queries faster by saving canned, personalized replies and delight your customers.

Sentiment Analysis

Analyze how people react to your campaign on social media. Understand their emotions and respond accordingly.

Discover, Segment And Nurture Leads

Find what people are saying about your brand or product, build real connections and reply to them instantly.

Do More Sales

Solve the social puzzle by getting the complete profile of your leads and add those leads to your favorite CRM tool.

Listen To Conversations

Listen about campaign keywords, competitor's brand and product launch to track live conversations and monitor the trends.

Competitor Monitoring

Listen to your competitors' audience, engage with them and respond to every business opportunity immediately.

Discover, Segment And Nurture Leads

The Best Customizable Platform For Your Multi-Disciplinary Teams

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For organizations that need additional security, control, and support.

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