What's New In Statusbrew

Here's a highlight of all the new features, product updates, and other improvements added to your favorite social media management platform.

January 2020

Take a look at all the cool new features added to Statusbrew in January.

Added Support For Retweet & Quoted Retweet conversations

Statusbrew's Engage Inbox now supports Twitter Retweets and Quoted Tweets. Teams can now gain more insight into Tweets that generate the most conversations and learn how active people are in adding their voice to your messages.

Retweets and Quoted Tweets are streamed directly to your Engage Inbox with a neat design that makes sure you understand accompanying user comments without losing the context of the original Tweet. The original Tweet is separated from the added comments to provide a better reading flow.


It's easy to filter out these conversations with the help of a dedicated filter, and with Engage's full functionality available, you can easily like or reply to the conversation, assign it to another team member, mark it as a priority, close the conversation or mark it as spam.

Added Support For Google My Business Questions

Statusbrew now supports Google My Business questions for all your listings. Get real-time notifications for each question and deliver brand verified answers directly from your Engage Inbox.


You get all the questions on your listings in a stream of conversations, click on any one of them to reply, assign it to another team member, mark it as a priority, snooze or close the conversation or mark it as spam.

Learn more about Google My Business Management in Statusbrew.

Some other updates for January include:

  • Support for blocking and unblocking Twitter users from contact side-bar in your Engage Inbox.

  • Updated reply box design that makes it easier to reply and add internal notes for your incoming conversations.

  • Updated design for Teams page, with support for new Team roles - Owner & Primary Owner (You can now Transfer Ownership).

  • Updated design of Groups & Profiles page, with support for the editing group name.