What's New In Statusbrew

Here's a highlight of all the new features, product updates, and other improvements added to your favorite social media management platform.

May 2020

Take a look at all the features and updates added to Statusbrew in May.

Introducing Office Hours

Statusbrew's Team Engagement and Leaderboard Report allow you to understand how individual users are handling customer queries across the brand. Using these reports you can set team goals for your social care spectrum and evaluate individuals w.r.t their reply times.

However, we understand how difficult it can become to benchmark response rates from your customer care executives working in different timezones.

To get rid of any discrepancies based on business hours and off-hours, you can now set up Office Hours for each social profile in different timezones and understand how quickly each executive is responding to customer queries over time.


Note: Office Hours setting is available in our Professional & Enterprise Plan.

Manage Additional Profile Details For Facebook And Twitter

You can now update the profile picture, cover photo, and manage additional details of your social profile, right within Statusbrew. These options are available in the profile details page.


You can make the following changes to your profile details from Statusbrew.

  • Change Profile Display Name (Visible only in Statusbrew)

  • Change Profile Pictures for Social Profiles from Statusbrew

  • Change Cover Photo and Profile Details from Statusbrew

Engage Inbox Counter

Engage inbox in Statusbrew now offers built-in conversation counters for your inboxes.

The first counter is displayed in the left navigation pane alongside all your saved custom inboxes. This counter always denotes the number of open conversations in a particular inbox at any time.


The second counter in Engage is more versatile. When you open any inbox in Engage, a Dynamic Counter is displayed right beside the status filter. This counter shows the number of conversations available in that inbox for all the filters you have applied. It changes dynamically when you apply & remove the filters.


Notification On Desktop & Mobile Via Rule Engine

Now there's another way for Statusbrew Admins to configure customized notifications for users & user groups in their organization. Using Statusbrew's Rule Engine, admins can set up custom notifications for when a rule is triggered for a profile/profile group and notify users/user groups via e-mail, Slack, or even desktop & mobile notifications.

Note: The notifications triggered by the Rule Engine will only be delivered to a user if their personal notification preferences for Engage has been enabled.

Some other updates for May include:

  • Facebook Private Reply support in inbox and rule engine

April 2020

Check out all the features and updates added to Statusbrew in April.

Introducing User Groups & Profile Groups

In our latest update to Statusbrew, we've integrated "User Groups and Profile Groups" throughout the app. The addition of User Groups & Profile Groups will change the way you manage your social media at scale.

What Are User Groups In Statusbrew?

User Groups are a better way to bundle users together with similar responsibilities, tasks, and workflows in Statusbrew.

Statusbrew User Groups

You can create as many user groups as you want based on your organization scale and structure. Once you have created a User Group, you can use it to provide access, assign & mention, and do so much more directly instead of managing each user.

Learn more about User Groups in Statusbrew.

What Are Profile Groups In Statusbrew?

Profile Groups can be defined as a collection of any number of social media profiles that you have added to Statusbrew. You can group your profiles together based on any attribute such as social network, geographical region, purpose, etc. or based on the structure of your online presence. One social profile can be a part of multiple Profile Groups in Statusbrew.

Statusbrew profile groups

These Profile Groups can be used to perform complex tasks in Statusbrew quickly. For instance, if you have a Profile Group for all the business profile from a specific country, you can export reports for that region by just selecting that Profile Group with a single click.

Updated Permission Model With Support For Profile Level Permissions

Statusbrew has a flexible account hierarchy and permissions structure built for all organizations —from small to medium businesses, enterprises, and agencies. It is easy to manage users/user groups and provide different levels of access to them based on their responsibilities within the organization.

With the latest update to the permission model, you can now control who gets access to what features for a specific profile & profile group.


Learn more about different permissions in Statusbrew.

Planner Boards Support

Statusbrew's Planner enables you to visualize a complete timeline of all your scheduled or published posts and manage individual posts and campaigns in a collaborative content planner.

With the latest update, Planner gets a new Profile Groups filter along with the functionality to create custom planner boards.

Planner Boards are a customized view of your planner/calendar that can be created using a combination of inbuilt filters such as post status, type, profile, etc.

Learn more about Statusbrew Planner.

Bulk User Invite

Inviting multiple users to Statusbrew has never been easier, with the latest update you can now invite users to Statusbrew in Bulk.

Invite new users

Under the Invite User menu, you can now invite multiple users at once, directly add them to a user group or even mark them as admin from the same screen.

Some other updates for April include:

  • Enhanced support for customized link preview in Engage inbox

March 2020

Take a look at all the features and updates added to Statusbrew in March.

Statusbrew For Android/iOS Gets Engage

In our biggest update yet for Statusbrew mobile apps, we've added support for full-fledged Engage inbox.


Engage on your smartphone brings all the conversations for your brand on social into one place and allows you to respond on the go. With the added functionality of Engage, using Statusbrew on your smartphone, you can now:

  • See all of your conversations in one place
  • Filter conversations using inbuilt filters and switch between inboxes quickly
  • Easily reply, add notes, assign conversations to different team members and close conversations by just swiping left on them

Learn More: Introduction To Engage Inbox

Instagram Past Reminder Support

We've added Instagram Past Reminders support this month to our web-app and our mobile apps to make sure you don't miss out on publishing any posts.

If you miss Instagram publishing notifications, you'll be able to see all of your past reminders by going to Planner and using the filter "Post Status" is "Past Reminders."


Click on a post to open the post detail from wherein you can easily resend the notification again and also view a complete log of all the notifications sent for this post.

Learn More: Instagram Publishing in Statusbrew

Support For Like & Retweet From Multiple Accounts

If you manage multiple Twitter profiles for your brand, Engage allows you to easily choose which profile you want to respond from on Twitter.

We've expanded this functionality, and now you can even choose to Like and Retweet a Tweet from multiple Twitter profiles connected with Statusbrew.


Click on the Like or Retweet button to choose from which account you would like to perform the action.

Some other updates for March include:

February 2020

Check out the latest features added to Statusbrew in February.

Added Support For Location Tagging In Compose

Statusbrew now allows you to add a location to your Facebook & Twitter posts directly from the compose window.

To add a location to your posts in compose,

  • Open the Compose window and select a Facebook and/or a Twitter profile from the profile chooser

  • Click on location--1- icon and select a network


  • You can now search for your preferred location and add it to your post

  • Once you add a location, it shows real time in post preview


Compose & Planner Gets New Emoji Picker ?

Statusbrew's Compose and Planner gets an all-new emoji picker. You can now easily search for any emojis and also get access to your recently used emojis in the dedicated "Frequently Used" Tab.


Support For Showing Audience Targeting Values In Post Detail View

The Statusbrew planner now shows the selected targeted values when you open the detailed view of any scheduled post (dark posts).


Learn more about audience targeting in Statusbrew.

Statusbrew Home Gets A New Icon Along With New Features

An all-new Home icon

To further simplify your navigation in Statusbrew, you now get a dedicated "Home" icon in the left side panel of your Statusbrew app.


Organization switcher support in Home

You can now easily switch between organizations in Statusbrew right from the Statusbrew Home itself. Click on the drop-down menu in the top right corner of your screen and switch between organizations or create a new organization.


Option to show/hide unavailable features

To better organize your Statusbrew Home, you now get the ability to show/hide all the features that are currently not available in your plan.


Learn more about different plans & pricing in Statusbrew.

Some other updates for Feburary include:

  • Updated Add Profile menu with insights on network's supported features

  • Improved publishing checks for chained GMB locations (In Statusbrew's Composer, Google My Business profiles with post feature disabled by Google (chained locations) are now not available for selection). Learn More

January 2020

Take a look at all the cool new features added to Statusbrew in January.

Added Support For Retweet & Quoted Retweet conversations

Statusbrew's Engage Inbox now supports Twitter Retweets and Quoted Tweets. Teams can now gain more insight into Tweets that generate the most conversations and learn how active people are in adding their voice to your messages.

Retweets and Quoted Tweets are streamed directly to your Engage Inbox with a neat design that makes sure you understand accompanying user comments without losing the context of the original Tweet. The original Tweet is separated from the added comments to provide a better reading flow.


It's easy to filter out these conversations with the help of a dedicated filter, and with Engage's full functionality available, you can easily like or reply to the conversation, assign it to another team member, mark it as a priority, close the conversation or mark it as spam.

Added Support For Google My Business Questions

Statusbrew now supports Google My Business questions for all your listings. Get real-time notifications for each question and deliver brand verified answers directly from your Engage Inbox.


You get all the questions on your listings in a stream of conversations, click on any one of them to reply, assign it to another team member, mark it as a priority, snooze or close the conversation or mark it as spam.

Learn more about Google My Business Management in Statusbrew.

Some other updates for January include:

  • Support for blocking and unblocking Twitter users from contact side-bar in your Engage Inbox.

  • Updated reply box design that makes it easier to reply and add internal notes for your incoming conversations.

  • Updated design for Teams page, with support for new Team roles - Owner & Primary Owner (You can now Transfer Ownership).

  • Updated design of Groups & Profiles page, with support for the editing group name.

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