100 Social Media Statistics You Must Know [2018] + Infographic

Dec 14, 2017 7 min read

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On the Internet, every click, view and even the emotion is tracked and noted somewhere in the form of statistics in order to understand the user's behavior. For example: Do you know what percentage of the world are on social media? In case if you are using social media to promote your business, then you must be aware of how many people use social media.

For your comfort, I have compiled the most important 100 Social Media statistics for 2018 that you must know before entering the new year party.

Social Media has captured this era from personal to professional point of view. One of the reasons why it’s still elevating is due to the high presence of businesses. The statistics on Social Media are rolled every now and then worldwide, in order to make businesses and brands understand about the benefits they can have from it and redefine their social media strategy.

For a note, the world population is 7.6 billion as of October 2017 as per
Wikipedia statistics and the internet holds 3.5 billion users.

Important Statistics

These numbers in the Social Media statistics are blowing the minds of all marketers, they always come in millions and billions. Still, it's crucial for the future business online strategies.

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What percentage of the world are on social media?

Social Channel Number of users
Facebook 2.072 billion users
Twitter 330 million users
Instagram 800 million users
LinkedIn 500 million users
Google+ 111 million users
Pinterest 200 million users
Snapchat 178 million daily users
YouTube 1.5 billion users
Reddit 234 million users
WhatsApp 1.3 billion users
Flickr 90 million users
Wechat 1.12 billion users
Weibo 600 million users
Airbnb 150 million users
Periscope 10 million users

How many people use Social Media?

Google statistics for 2018

Facebook Marketing Statistics for Businesses

Facebook is most popular social media platfom around the globe. Apart from using this platform to get connected & socialize with families and friends. This platform is identified to be one of most famous social media platform for businesses to find new customers and increase their brand awarenss.

Hence, if you are planning to promote your business on Facebook, then you must know how many people are using Facebook as it would help you to determine whether it is benevolent for you to invest in Facebook or not.

Let's dive into the Facebook user's statstics:

Twitter Marketing Statistics for Businesses

Over the years, Twitter has become an important social media channel for businesses to promote & get connected with their audience.

Hence, if you are running a small business, then you must know how many people are using Twitter. The following Twitter statistics would give you a clear idea why Twitter is so important for your business.

Let's have a look:

Instagram Marketing Statistics for Businesses

The surge in popularity of Instagram has stunned everyone. This platform emerges as the second most popular social media platform in US after Facebook.

This social media channel is being widely used by people to promote their business online. The instagram stories have made it quite convinient for brands to engage with their customers.

If you are curious to know how many daily/monthly active users Instagram have then go through the following Instagram statistics:

Pinterest Marketing Statistics for Businesses

Snapchat Marketing Statistics for Businesses

Social Media statistics for business for 2018

Social Media statistics for content for 2018

We have also created a detailed infographic representing the social media stats to follow in 2018.

Have a look
Social Media Statistics infographic 2018

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Social Media isn't a fun place anymore, it is constantly providing a meaning to the online professionalism. The above Social Media statistics have been linked to the source and research websites, some are subjected to approximation.

What do these Social Media statistics mean to marketers?

Social Media Marketing is unceasingly proving to be successful in a way that traditional advertising isn’t--and thanks to the advanced metrics that help us understand our audience, content marketing teams can make more knowledgeable future decisions with the digital medium. Now may be it's the perfect time to think about your business for the year 2018.


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Social Media statistics can be analyzed in various forms in order to meet different business strategies. Comment the Social Media statistics that helped you strategize your business goals.

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