Nurture High-Intent Local Customers On Google

Reach and engage with customers who matter. A perfect solution for Q&As, Reviews & Ratings on all your Google My Business listings.

Dedicated Systems Designed For Multi-Local Businesses To Engage Actively On Google My Business Listings At Scale

Integrate Multiple Locations On A Single Platform

5 locations or 500? Manage them all hassle-free on a single tool. Connect all your listings and take control using our unified solution.

Leverage On-Site Resources For Prompt Q&As

Give local executives the power to actively respond to high-intent customers by assigning Questions and Queries. Build a strong connection with your audience with purposeful answers to drive business.

Build A Reputation By Engaging In Reviews

Connect with your audience through reviews and ratings to build brand reputation. Engage in comment replies to understand your customer needs and perceptions across locations. Invoke feelings of trust and loyalty among your customers.

Onboard Local Executives To Connect With Customers

Bring your affiliates onboard and design efficient workflows that suit your business needs. Assign functions locally while you maintain control with our permissions based approval solutions.

Create Offers And Promotions To Attract Customers

Bring your marketing efforts into the limelight. Broadcast your offers and promotions on your Google My Business Listings to increase your customer count and delight them while doing so.

Analyze Your Local Customer With Flexibility

Dive deep into a specific location, group a few or consider the entire business chain. Understand your customers at each level with accurate and detailed data available in realtime with Statusbrew to drive strategic decision making and have an edge over the competition.

Schedule Content For Peak Performance

Have the convenience of planning your content well in advance and schedule it to be posted automatically at the optimized time for each location/region. Execute your marketing strategies on Google My Business in sync with your channels.

Generate Instant Reports

Know how your locations are performing as compared to each other by generating insightful reports. Export & share these reports in a few clicks. Build a Corporate understanding of your returns on marketing efforts.

Statusbrew Is An All-In-One Social Media Management Tool

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