Social Support Solution For Shopify Merchants

Reply to comments & messages with quick access to Shopify order history & customer information right in your inbox. Weed out spam & unwanted comments automatically. 

Leverage Customer Support Automation For  eCommerce Success

Get Rid Of Unwanted Comments On Ads & Posts

Create custom rules to hide and delete spam & unwanted comments. Automate comment moderation and more with intuitive rule engine to reclaim your comment section.

Make The Best Out Of Shopify Information

Maximize the use of your Shopify data. Leverage quick access to order information for delightful customer support.

Provide Personalized Social Support

Integrated customer information, order number, shipping address, tracking details, and more. Forget about switching tabs and copy/paste hassles.

Tag & Segment Social Conversations

Tag conversations based on sentiment, updates, returns, urgency, & more. Create custom tags to segment conversations and direct them to the right team member.

Customized Shopify & Engagement Reporting

Customize your reports with relatable metrics. Combine shopify sales reports with customer feedback and team performance to create most insightful reporting for your business.

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