Customer Care Solutions to Build Meaningful Connections

Statusbrew empowers you to make each customer feel valued and ensure long-term loyalty by responding quickly to customer queries across all social channels from one place.

Make Customer Interactions Seamless, Personal And Efficient

With over 60% of customers now expecting brands to offer customer support on social media, it has never been more important to provide consistent, personal, and effective social media customer care.

Keep Track Of All The Conversations

Track, prioritize and solve all the customer queries with a seamless combination of a unified social inbox and real-time monitoring.

Quickly Resolve Issues With Your Team

42% of customers expect a response to their social media complaint within an hour. Take customer service up a notch, improve productivity and proficiently take care of client issues with streamlined workflow management across teams, profiles, and channels.

Avoid Ambiguity

Stay far from duplicity and deliver an exceptional brand experience by assigning tickets to specific people or teams.

A Single Platform For All Your Social Media Activities

Centralize all your social efforts and measure every action that you perform on social media.

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