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Statusbrew helps businesses to maximize ROI from all social channels.

Statusbrew is empowering more than 7,000 businesses,teams of all sizes deliver happiness to their audiences.



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For Team Productivity

Collaborate within your teams from a single workspace on publishing projects and audience management.
Easy Administration
Admin console gives control over workflows and personnel onboarding for greater transparency.
Scalable Teams
Onboard as many users to the team to manage multiple social channels.
Work on projects with clearly laid out objectives and planning from a single dashboard.

All Premium Features and Flexibility

Statusbrew business is all premium features packed together with the power to work in teams

Tailored for your brand

Dedicated Dashboard
Customize Statusbrew account for your brand with own logo and branding.
Account Management
Easily manage multiple brand accounts from a single dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Statusbrew Business and Individual accounts?

The personal account type on Statusbrew with the Essential subscription plan caters to individuals, freelancers, small business owners and social media marketers who manage their multiple social network profiles without working in teams.

The Organization account type on Statusbrew with the Business subscription plan caters to teams and businesses of every scale and complexity. It allows businesses, brands, agencies and marketers who handle multiple brand accounts to effectively manage social media. Organization enables monitoring and collaboration between team members.

What is an Organization?

Organization account type on Statusbrew is designed for businesses, brands, enterprises and agencies of all scales and complexities. It lets teams of all sizes, small and large, to work productively. Benefits Of Organization Account Type Add multiple team members Assign unique roles to team members Efficient management of team workflows You can create multiple Organizations for your single Statusbrew account.

How many team members can I add to my Statusbrew account?

You can add as many team members as you want. The Business Plan works in the system of units and each unit lets you add 5 social profiles and 2 users. You can purchase multiple units as per your requirements.

How can I upgrade my existing plan to Business Plan?

If you have an account on Statusbrew you can upgrade to the Business Plan from the manage subscriptin settings once logged in. If you want a larger plan for your business, please contact our sales team and we will assist you.

Do you offer volume based discounts?

If you are a business, organization or an agency looking to manage large number of social channels or working in big teams, we offer large volume based discounts. Contact our sales team for more.

I am planning to open a Statusbrew Business account. Can you guys help me set up?

Absolutely. Just get in touch with our sales team and we will help you onboard, migrate all your social channel properties and get you ready to start.

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